Why Life Coaching?

It is one of the greatest tools for you to find out more about yourself and create the path that you like to walk with a help of a Life Coach who you connect with and trust. A Life Coach is not there to tell you what you should be doing, but to help you to recognize what are the blockages inside you that cause you the feeling of imbalance and help you to find the best way to harmony in your own given circumstances.

A Life Coach is like a clear mirror to you, who doesn't suggest but with the right questions make you understand where does your problems come from, helps you to gain a better perspective over your situation that is realistic and also helps you to open doors within you which create new ways in your life that fits your person on a more natural level.

My Method

Our limited beliefs are closing us in the imprisonment of emotions which holds us back from acting from our Core Being. Our general feeling of disharmony with our world comes from the tension which is caused by the opposition between what we made to believe should be doing and what are the true internal drives inside us. Lacking of natural self-esteem and realistic view about how things work we tend to spend most of our time with the sensation that life is a battlefield. It is very draining to live among such lines.

With my method I wish to point out the points of confusions in our belief systems, how they got there, how they keep us on the same track with our experiences and how we can get out of them by creating a new way.

There are some essential topics to understand which you will gain through our Life Coach Sessions above your time of self-exploration. The areas which we cover during the sessions (Basic Human Physiology - Emotions, Beliefs&Norms, Coherent and Incoherent state, Energy, Attention, Conscious Awareness, Practicalities, etc..) will create the base of your self-managing powers which will help you to recognize when you are going out of balance in your life and to understand which part of you is involved and what is the best way to harmonize your world.

I work maximum with 5 people/month to be able to provide high quality attention to every single client of mine. For this reason I choose to work together with only those people who are highly devoted to work on themselves.

Through our mutual work I wish to achieve rapid and palpable changes in my clients' world. My goal with each of my client is to help them to understand themselves and their world until such depth that they grow their awareness and self-trust so much so they become capable of complete self-management as they go and so they dare to rely on their intuition when they make their decisions.

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Personal Life Coaching

Individual Coaching with me is for you if you wish to understand where are your blockages that are keeping you on the track you don't like to be. Stop to follow the promises of the social trends and turn to yourself to change the feeling of (dis)satisfaction to fulfilment! Gain clarification over your internal world (values, qualities, priorities, etc..) and sort out your external world accordingly what you found within you!

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Couple's Guidance

Being in a relationship always involves devoted work from both sides for the bond always to develop and improve keeping the joyful and fulfilling flow between the partners.  Lacking some capabilities (for e.g.: healthy emotional maturity, conscious awareness, healthy self-esteem, etc.) what we often do these days makes our situation much more complicated on this field than how it could be otherwise. With the Couple's Guidance Sessions you can gain new perspective over your relationship, and learn how to apply the basic rules (honesty, open communication, etc..) on your relationship which can re-organize your connection on such ways, how it feels great for the both of you!

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Please note that 'Be Real! Life Coaching' is not for mental health issues. If you are in crisis please contact the hotline of your country or talk to a therapist/mental health professional!

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