"I wish to support you in your personal development on such a level that you become more and more aware of your core being and become empowered to act on its moves. My intention is to help you grow your self-trust as strong so that you are never again dependent on others’ opinions about what you choose for yourself in life. I am honoured to be a part of your path to becoming the captain of your boat, the creator of your universe."



Since early childhood I’ve been fascinated with human personal development. Questions about the existence, God, and like ‘why different people have different impact from the same kind of life event?’ has always been the base line of my curiosity and observations in life. Unconsciously but rather passionately I have been trying to find the answers for these questions because I wished to make a happy life as an adult and I wished to find the root cause why most people loose their own light on the way to adulthood (as I observed it) so I could help them bringing it back.

A childhood (HUN) with many locations-changes and through different activities (playing instruments, singing, pottery, drawing, martial arts, different sports, etc..) I could have a taste of, gave me the right base for learning to connect with many kind of people from all age groups. This has become the natural base for my world meanwhile my free-spirited soul was opening up. I loved listening to people, so they loved talking to me. Through the listening and also the observation of the changes of my own world caused by experimenting with my actions from different ways, I have gained essential insights about the human heart and mind which slowly started to build up a web of understanding. Having a helper’s heart, I became a professional massage therapist in 2009 (UK) which took this understanding on a new level. The study of human physiology gave me the recognition how strongly the physical-mental-emotional layer of our world are fused together and how any change in each of these parts having an instant effect on the other ones. 

Since 2017 my goal is to share my gathered understanding in my professional life and since 2020 I am open to be in reach for anyone through online-coaching who have the intention to ignite the fire of their soul and wants to re-create the elements of their life according to their Core Being.


What 'Be Real' stands for?

When I asked myself in childhood what I wished to become , a picture was presented in my mind that was not about a career or a specific quality of lifestyle, but about a sensation of how I feel to be me. The image was me sitting in a public place surrounded by people, but their presence was not influencing me in how I felt myself.

For a long time, this image filled up my world motivating me to work towards this without even understanding clearly what it meant. Looking back at it from this point I understand the message that it held for me. It symbolized the state of internal freedom in the sense that connecting with someone provides such stability that cannot be changed by any external influence. This image completely describes what living from this state means to me up ‘til today::

                Daring to be simply me.

                Acting the way I do because it makes me feel great in front of myself.

Not trying to be someone who I am not in order to attract others’ attention.

Not acting differently from how it is in me purely at the very moment.

To embrace Who I Am and how I am at this moment of time and dare to be and act from that point for my best knowledge and understanding to make the most out of my time, whatever that means to me in this moment.

                           This is what ‘being real’ means to me. Living, acting and creating from our core being because we are in peace with ourselves. And for this reason, we can simply be ourselves without any tension of expressing what it means to be ourselves in any way that feels right to us.

From all that I have seen and experienced from the world up until today what I understand is that we all crave for this state, but for many reasons we are disconnected from it. I hope I can be there for you to help you find your internal source so you can become more real with each passing week of your life and enjoy being alive!  



Tel: +359 91 770 6225

​Email: sophiefuzi@gmail.com


Please note that 'Be Real! Life Coaching' is not for mental health issues. If you are in crisis please contact the hotline of your country or talk to a therapist/mental health professional!

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