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Be Real !




 Because the Universe cannot resist 


Re-ignite the fire of your soul!


'Be Real! Life Coaching' has been a dream of mine that I’ve been working towards for my whole life.  In my childhood, I intensely missed a person who could deeply understand the motivations and the moves of my internal  world who could help me keeping my strength up this way letting me know that my hard work will pay off one day.

As I met and conversed with many many people on my way to adulthood and after I came to understand that most of us miss such a person from our lives. And that we tend to live with several unrealistic expectations towards ourselves and our world which creates the sensation of being in our skin to be a very unpleasant experience.

Sometimes it only takes one person who can sense us As We Are to turn this sensation around and make our life experience enjoyable.




How I Can Help You?

Theoretically speaking it is not difficult to make our life meaningful and enjoyable, but it is very easy to get lost in its complexity without understanding ourselves. Lacking to be internally rooted is the greatest cause of a confused and tense life. In most cases our actions and our decisions are based on externally defined standards which determine all the choices that we make. And as we know it: our decisions are the ones, which are shaping our world to be as it is. 

My purpose for our coaching sessions is to help you to become aware of your internal world and get rooted. I wish to  support you such ways that you are able to recognize your real priorities  in life and than  to shape up a realistic plan how to bring balance between your internal and external world.

This process takes some time. Not because it is difficult to understand how the human  psychophysiology works once you are aware of it. But because we have several unrealistic beliefs about ourselves and the world what keeps us in the loop of emotional reactivity. In order to create experiences that are up to our personal taste, we need to free our mind from these beliefs which we can only achieve by becoming aware of these emotional patterns as we go and growing beyond them by loosening up our self-identification to the content of our mind. Since our nervous system is wired for long years to re-create these emotional loops in our behaviour it is not only making it harder to re-wire our actions on the level of the nervous system but  also more difficult to detach from the belief that our reactions are part of our personal traits which we are unable to change. 

The truth is, that however reactions are deeply wired chemical responses in our physiology it is possible to change them  in case we are ready to make the sufficient effort what the process requires. We can free our mind and change our psychophysiology if we dare to believe we are capable to do so and if we can accept that we deserve to be the person who we dream to be.

On this road you need a lot of patience, acceptance, heart towards yourself and keeping your focus on the intention for these changes. Even when a part of you is trying to sabotage yourself you need to be aware: it is a natural part of the journey; than to shake the emotion off and to continue on your path This road is not for the faint-hearted. But even if you are one of the highly spirited ones you will find yourself in times when it feels not only useful but comforting  to have someone who understands the phase that you are going through on the road to your true freedom. 

Other than being there for you this way my other goal is to help you to  grow your self-trust to such degree that you are capable to manage your life without wasting energy on self-doubt and Instead you become capable to put your energy in those things and people in your life that are meaningful to you.

To live a life without regrets.